CATCHUPTOYS Ltd. Is a Global toy company, that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative toys for international markets?

Our games and toys are designated for age 4-11, all combining strategy, competitiveness, intensive action and speed with lots of fun, collective figures and items.



We have the ability and passion to develop new innovative toys and games using a wide variety of in-house high-end technical and design capabilities, as well as industry known out-sourced experts in every needed field.

CATCHUPTOYS Ltd. developed a new and unique innovative toys line fitting the dynamic international toy market.



We are excited to inform:

Adding to our current unique product line, CATCHUPTOYS Ltd. Is about to launch several new amazing game / toy concepts in Q1 2019.



CATCHUPTOYS Ltd combines Israeli, HK & Chinese development teams to design and manufacture a line of innovative and unique games and toys.

Nick Ying, CEO – General management, Sales & Production

Co-founder of Catchup Toys, mechanic professional, Veteran in Sales and Marketing. Was the one of the founders of Genie-S International, the world’s first pump fill technology perfume refillable atomizer, branded as TRAVALO and Perfume pod, worked with Christian Dior, Sephora, LVMH group and AS Watsons group worldwide. Founder of Lead Well Development, one of the Key supplier for Canon camera and electronics packaging. Holds vast experience in high precision plastic molding and mechanical systems.

Guy Rubin, Director of Innovation & Project management.

M.A. in Business Management and B.A. in Industrial Engineering and Management. Co-founder of 3Niner and M.H Toys Ltd innovative toy companies. 7 years of experience in inventing and developing toys and games for the global toy market. Extensive experience in manufacturing, product development and sales. Highly creative, high-level management capacity. Complex projects management. Former handball player and a member of the national handball team of Israel.

Avi Resch, Director of Innovation & Social media.

Co-founder of 3Niner and M.H Toys Ltd innovative toy companies. 7 years of experience in inventing and developing toys and games for the global toy market. Highly efficient, methodical and innovative marketing and sales skills spanning 10 years of sales and marketing management in the telecommunications field and complex systems. Served as CEO of Maccabi Tel Aviv sport club and a handball coach. Former handball player and captain of the national handball team of Israel.

Tal Zuri, Director of Business development & commercial.

Entrepreneur and financial expert, specializes in hi-tech entrepreneurships. Acted as CFO of several international companies.

Marco Mak, Sales Manager

10 years of experience in handling Key account clients, Strong in communication and project handling with customers, Project Manager of Lead Well Development, key man for handling the Key accounts of LWD, including Canon, Nikon, Go Pro, Travalo, Xsories, as well as the Medical clients including BeamMed and ELPD. Specialist in soft goods R&D and manufacturing.

Ronen Savic, CTO – Chief Technology officer.

Founder and Director of Quattro-D studio, which introduced "meta-culture" into product design for clients worldwide. Ronen is a natural inventor, an award-winning designer and consultant who holds over 15 patents and serves as a trusted advisor to an array of tech start-ups. He has years of international experience in product strategy, design innovation and consulting. Ronen is the founder of QUANTEAM, which helps start-ups best navigate their way to a successful product and determine the right channels to market.

Eran Mordehay, Tech Advisor – support to CTO.

Manages and coordinates development processes. Owner of "Arkit Thinking Design" company that specializes in product design, engineering and the production process.